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Brushing can become so routine that we may neglect a few things. There are many things to remember, but if we hold to them, they can help us have attractive smiles. In order to help you with this goal, we offer these two tips.

Brush Firmly but Gently
Be careful about brushing too hard. We know that logic may dictate to scrub as hard as you can, but going too hard can cause problems for your teeth. Your teeth may feel hard, but they are not made of steel. Their enamel layer can be worn off by excessive brushing force, and enamel cannot grow back once it is gone. Do not worry, because as you are careful to brush more gently, your enamel should be just fine. To further protect your enamel, it can also help to use a brush with soft bristles instead of hard ones.

Wait to Brush After Eating Something Acidic
If you would like to brush your teeth after you eat something acidic, it can help to wait about 30 minutes. The acidity of some foods can soften your enamel a bit. When you brush immediately, the enamel can get worn off more easily, even with a soft-bristled brush. Before the 30 minutes are up, you can reduce the acidity by chewing some sugarless gum to generate saliva, which can bring down the acidity level. Drinking water can also clean up and reduce acidity. After taking these steps, your enamel should be strong enough to enjoy a good brushing.

As you keep these tips in mind, you can help your teeth stay in excellent condition. To further help yourself remain healthy, you can come to Dental Arts of Catoosa in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Our team, which is spearheaded by our dentist, Dr. Soren Michaelsen, makes helping you maintain good oral health their goal. We are just one phone call away, so feel free to dial 918-205-1378 in order to reach us!