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It’s important to visit the dentist right away if you have detected the development of tooth decay so that the cavity can be removed before it grows to the point that treatment becomes complicated. Severe cavities sometimes are only responsive to root canal therapy to stop the tooth from being extracted. If you known how to recognize the early signs of a cavity, then you can receive treatment quickly and protect your smile from further harm.

Sometimes, you may not know if you have a cavity, but by scheduling preventive dental checkups every six months, you can receive oral exams that reveal any vulnerable areas of your smile that may become dental problems later on. However, if you have suspicions of tooth decay now, it’s important to arrange for a dental exam right away instead of waiting for your next dental visit.

One of the ways to recognize cavities is to the experience of dental pain, either constantly or when biting down on a tooth. Other potential issues include tooth sensitivity and visible areas of cavity, such as black and dark brown spots and small holes in the tooth.

It’s possible to receive conservative dental treatment if a cavity is detected early. One potential treatment for cavities is dental bonding, which can repair the tooth enamel. A larger and deeper cavity may result in the need for decay removal and then the placement of a dental filling or crown.

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