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There are numerous reasons why chompers get discolored. Understanding them will help you keep your pearly whites white and thwart the need for whitening. Please deliberate on the following if you are worried about having whiter teeth:

-Enamel weakens with advanced age or with excessive brushing, allowing the darker dentin layer to show through.

-Certain pigmented foods such as strawberries and blueberries can dim the appearance of your pearly whites, so ensure you brush your teeth after eating such foods.

-Tobacco can alter your chompers to shades of brown and yellow, so deliberate on cutting back if you are a user.

-There are medicines which have been proven to include the effect of dimming the teeth; tell us about it if you are taking medicines during your next appointment.

-Drinks such as red wine and coffee contain pigment-altering compounds which darken chompers, so don’t drink excessive amounts of them.

-If you suffered an oral accident, the dentin layer of your teeth might be compensating by evolving surplus dentin.

If you are still concerned about whiter teeth, our team at Dental Arts of Catoosa in Catoosa, Oklahoma, can help. Please let us know at 918-205-1378 now to set up a visit where Dr. Soren Michaelsen can evaluate your dental health and go over your teeth whitening options with you.