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If you have bad breath, halitosis could be invading your smile. Halitosis is a condition that causes persistent bad breath, and could be a warning sign of another condition developing. That is why our team here at Dental Arts of Catoosa in Catoosa, Oklahoma, is happy to talk to you about your bad breath, and how you can keep it away.

Halitosis is a health condition that stores bacteria in your mouth that could be causing your bad breath. There are a variety of triggers for halitosis, however the best way to fight it is to talk to Dr. Michaelsen and Dr. Bulleigh. Your doctors will be able to give you more information and determine if gum disease is the culprit of your bad breath. If not, there are other steps you can take to fight it.

Brushing each and every day for twice a day, while flossing every night are key factors in fighting bad breath. Using a healthy mouthwash to fight the rest of the bacteria can also be effective at clearing your mouth of bad breath. Sometimes, bacteria can stick to your tongue, so make sure to scrape and wash your tongue off, to keep bacteria from spreading.

The most essential thing to remember is to visit your dentists regularly. Regular dental checkups are critical to your oral health. If you wish to schedule your appointment, please call us today at 918-205-1378. Our team is always happy to assist your smile, and help keep your smile clean and fresh.